Trip Stopper


Minimizes the bad trip effects

When you use mushrooms or magic truffles to trip, the trip can sometimes be a bit too intense. With a trip stopper, you can take the edge off your trip. It strengthens the breakdown process and helps to gradually stop any bad trip. With a trip stopper, you are well-prepared for your trip. Especially when it is one of the first times that you are going to trip, it is nice to have a trip-stopper within reach. It is a comforting thought alone, knowing that you have a trip-stopper at home. You do not have to worry about a possible bad trip that is too intense. After all, you have a trip-stopper on hand. In addition, we advise everyone to always have a trip sitter in the room. This is a sober friend who can help you calm down when a trip is a bit too intense. Incidentally, it is always advisable for experienced users of mushrooms and magic truffles to have a trip-stopper at home.


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